Reviews for The Tender Age

"In a manner loosely analogous to Donald Fagen with the jazz influences Hoovered out, White delights in dropping us into the middle of offbeat scenarios and leaving only a curious collection of conceptual breadcrumbs to illuminate the surroundings. His airy, agile tenor hangs it all elegantly atop his crafty but unfailingly accessible harmonic twists."
– Rock & Roll Globe

"An overwhelmingly beautiful record."
– Sweet Sweet Music Blog (Netherlands)

"Flawless phrasing - a mix of David Bowie and Russell Mael...The songs sparkle and purr."
– Here Comes The Flood

"Beautifully constructed songs... lyrical genius. White is a revelation - the nearest comparison is prime time Bryan Ferry."
– I Don't Hear A Single (UK)

"(Ward White) is a storyteller and a damn fine one at that... deserves every one of the ten stars I am giving it."
– Weathered Music (CA)

"(Ward White)sounds like a high tenor version of Bowie... Neuron bending chord changes abound, and in a different era this album would have been huge..."
– David Bash, Bash On Pop

"Ward White is the Elvis Costello of the 21st century. Nobody does deviously whirlwind literary wordplay and catchy tunesmithing better. Another allusively menacing, lyrical masterpiece..."
– New York Music Daily

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