"Full of arch narratives, coal-black humor, richly detailed lyrical imagery, and a masterful post-Brian Wilson gift for melodic movement."

— CultureSonar

"White’s vocals are so well nuanced, he could probably sing the phone book directory and make it sound great... one of the most elegant compositions I've heard this year. Highly recommended."

— Powerpopaholic

"It’s time we put Ward White up there in the pantheon with Elvis Costello... nobody writes more compelling, allusively macabre narratives. Another withering lyrical rock masterpiece."

— New York Music Daily

"Diminish is an 11-track collection of sparkling art-rock that juxtaposes bright, soaring melodies with morbid ruminations on death and humanity…. features White’s Bowie-esque croon atop chiming glam-rock guitars"

— Ghettoblaster Magazine

"Dreamy... like a stripped-down version of early David Bowie."

— Atwood Magazine

"White's vocal is a cross between David Bowie, Roy Orbison and Elvis Costello... Wonderfully moody, heavy on words, it's an adventure from start to finish... as good as anything that I've heard this year."

— I Don't Hear A Single

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