Reviews for Ice Cream Chords

"Brilliantly reminiscent of the Cars’ new wave pop majesty... Funny lines married to superior melodies...a marvelous lyricist."
– The Big Takeover

"A treasure trove of smart hooks and intricate rhythm shifts."
– Here Comes The Flood

"Seductive David Bowie/Bryan Ferry vocal attack... combined with a song style that is very Elvis Costello circa Imperial Bedroom. The results are pop magic..."
– Poprock Record

"An arthouse experience... With a sonic vocabulary ranging from ‘70s art rock to ‘80s new wave and more modern alternatives, and a voice flexible enough to leap nimbly through the graceful melodic latticework he assembles."
– Rock & Roll Globe

"The same class as the music of David Bowie, Roxy Music, and The Blue Nile... bursting with beautiful lyrics, unexpected vocal lines, and slightly stubborn melodies."
– Sweet Sweet Music

"A musical ice cream truck packed with delicious bon mots and sonic sundaes... absolutely gorgeous."
– Pop Dose

"An American equivalent to British pop or art rock... The Divine Comedy, The Associates and has that acerbic poetic wit of writers like Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon or Peter Wilson... a true delight. 9/10"
– Maximum Volume

"Just plain beautiful (like if The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon was American)... arch art pop, dry, clever wit... a musician's musician."
– Dagger 'Zine

"A deft blend of dry wit and guitar riffs... a distinctive tableau."
– Powerpopaholic

"The new listener generally finds that a Ward White album creeps up on them and then grips them like a vise... intelligent Pop Rock at its finest."
– I Don't Hear A Single

"His lyrics are incisive, and the music is similarly astute... impeccably crafted songs."
– Aiding & Abetting

"White’s characters each sound like they could easily carry their own Hunter (or Jim) Thompson novel... elegant art-rock arrangements."
– Culture Sonar

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