Reviews for The Tender Age

"In a manner loosely analogous to Donald Fagen with the jazz influences Hoovered out, White delights in dropping us into the middle of offbeat scenarios and leaving only a curious collection of conceptual breadcrumbs to illuminate the surroundings. His airy, agile tenor hangs it all elegantly atop his crafty but unfailingly accessible harmonic twists."
– Rock & Roll Globe

"An overwhelmingly beautiful record."
– Sweet Sweet Music Blog (Netherlands)

"Flawless phrasing - a mix of David Bowie and Russell Mael...The songs sparkle and purr."
– Here Comes The Flood

"Beautifully constructed songs... lyrical genius. White is a revelation - the nearest comparison is prime time Bryan Ferry."
– I Don't Hear A Single (UK)

"(Ward White) is a storyteller and a damn fine one at that... deserves every one of the ten stars I am giving it."
– Weathered Music (CA)

"(Ward White)sounds like a high tenor version of Bowie... Neuron bending chord changes abound, and in a different era this album would have been huge..."
– David Bash, Bash On Pop

"Ward White is the Elvis Costello of the 21st century. Nobody does deviously whirlwind literary wordplay and catchy tunesmithing better. Another allusively menacing, lyrical masterpiece..."
– New York Music Daily

"With loyalty to guitar hooks and counterpoint harmonies, clever lyrics that make seedy personalities sound like the folks next door, and an expansive musical mind attuned to creating just the right arrangement or fill for the song at hand, the Los Angeleno makes music that has an easy familiarity without ever sounding specifically like anyone else."
– The Big Takeover

"An exquisite pop rock work... Class and elegance in abundance."
– Mi Tocadiscos Dual (Spain)

"The guy's got some serious style, think Bryan Ferry or Bowie... White is a pop craftsman of the highest order."
– Dagger 'Zine

"There’s something very Bowie about Ward White. His delicate yet forceful delivery defies easy categorization. Full of sophisticated tunes... the organ and lead guitar work are fabulous."
– Poprock Record (CA)

"I've been listening for a couple of albums, and I'm not sure I totally understand. But I recognize wonderment when I hear it. White delivers the goods once again."
– Aiding & Abetting

"(White) is the musical equivalent to filmmaker David Lynch, where the sweet, sleek surfaces often reveal darkness underneath..."
– Powerpopaholic

"(David Bowie and Bryan Ferry) are useful touchstones for approaching the music of Ward White. The vivid imagery of his songwriting introduces interesting, compelling characters and mental landscapes."
– Bill Kopp, Musoscribe

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